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Alloquor's supply chain consultants have guided large and small organizations to decrease logistics costs, reduce inventory, shorten supply chain cycle times and enable growth.


Alloquor Consulting's services are offered in two ways:



Project-based Services

A specific project is mutually agreed upon and Alloquor takes it to completion. Project-based service offerings include:

Supply Chain / Logistics Diagnostic, Evaluation and Strategy

-   Evaluate entire supply chain and provide recommendations for improvement

-   Areas of focus for improvement (prioritized by expected ROI)

-   Vision, objectives, strategies and tactics (supply chain strategy development)

ERP Systems Selection and Implementation

-   Provide structured approach to selecting the right ERP at the right cost 

-   Ensure successful implementation

-   Ensure ERP implementation results in real improvements and actual ROI

Supply Chain / Logistics Software Selection and Implementation

-   Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

-   Bar code scanning systems

-   Logistics systems custom development (system design and programming)

Distribution Center / Warehouse Improvements

-   Efficiency improvements to pick>pack>ship and receiving>putaway

-   Selection of optimal DC site locations (distribution network optimization)

-   Warehouse design (optimal rack configuration, optimal product flow, etc.)

Procurement of Supply Chain / Logistics Services

-   Selecting warehousing and transportation service providers

-   Selection of third-party logistics (3PL) companies

-   Implementation assistance

Inventory Management

-   Inventory reduction

-   Inventory control and accuracy

-   Inventory planning

Optimization of Order-to-Delivery processes

-   Efficiency improvements to the entire order to delivery process

-   Effective use of systems/software/applications

-   EDI and other automated data exchange

Shipping / Transportation Cost Reduction and Service Improvement

-   Reduction of shipping and transportation costs

-   Service level improvements

-   Transit time reduction and consistency

Collaboration and Integration with Customers and Suppliers

-   Development of collaborative relationships with trading partners

-   Areas for greater efficiency and improved service

-   Determine opportunities to benefit all parties in the supply chain

Reverse Logistics

-   Design and programming of custom reverse logistics systems
-   Returns and refurbishment

-   Returnable containers, returnable crates, returnable packaging

Green Logistics /  Eco-friendly Logistics

-   Alloquor is a member of an international group of green logistics consultants
-   Measurement and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

-   Sustainable shipping methods (reusable containers, eco-friendly packaging...)

Vehicle / Automotive Logistics

-   Cost reduction

-   Service improvement

-   Intermodal shipment of automobiles


Interim Management Services

"Your supply chain / logistics executive for rent"

For those times when you need to fill a management void or supplement existing staff.  Typical roles/responsibilities/assignments which take advantage of our expertise might include:

Evaluate vendor compliance, efficiency, pricing and service levels

-   Manage and strengthen vendor relationships (software companies, third-
    party logistics, carriers)

-   Present problems and solutions to company management

Company advocate for procuring supply chain services and software

-   Thorough evaluations to protect company from zealous salesmen

-   Develop and manage RFP's, analyze bids, negotiate contracts

Executive Sponsor and Project Manager for special projects

-   Systems implementations

-   Reengineering

Develop collaborative relationships with customers and suppliers

-   Improved communications and efficiency

-   Process and systems integration

Develop a core carrier program

-   Reduce shipping / transportation costs

-   Increase service levels

Analyze outsourcing opportunities to improve cash position

-   Warehousing, logistics management, transportation payment, back office, IT


-   Manage and improve relationships between internal IT and Operations

-   Manage the supply chain / logistics / distribution / shipping departments

-   Establish culture of zero errors, continuous improvement and customer

-   Focus entire staff on delighting the customer while maintaining operating


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